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Our team is a group of airsofters from the Midlands who don’t take the sport to serious, our favorite place is Stormforce in Rugely. Father and sons, Uncles and nephew's, looking for our first Mother and son or daughter members, any and every one welcome. Love airsoft, love socializing at airsoft and definitely love the drinking after.


Name: Paul Martin

NickName: Stryder

Age: 39 (lol, not going any higher)

Paul, ex RN, so is rubbish on land, he does try though. His partner in crime is Akira, he has known him 14 years or, its almost like he is his son. Playing for a few years so pretty much a noob in airsoft, as you always learning, if you see him best way to make friends is with a fresh cuppa' tea. Likes Marshalling and site photographer at Stormforce and work, part time lap dancer and security consultant.


Site: Stormforce, Rugely, best in the UK

Gun use: Honey Badger

Fave weapon: Honey Badger

Married/Single? Married to my Lovely Wife


Name: Owen Akira

NickName: Akira



Owen is our resident WW2 enthusiast, dont let his age put you off, he is deadly with 6mm balls of ouch. Sneaky and covert the only thing you will hear is the crack of his weapon, whether he is using one of his ww2 milsim or his modern kit. Best way to make friends, talk about PC gaming or quality food at good restaurants. Has a thing for weird and wonderful looking pets, a Pug, Land Hermit Crabs and Crested gecko to name a few.



Name: Andy Ford

NickName: 4D

Age: 38


Andy is our most famous player, he is the bass player from the Cower Hounds, so he rocks hard. How he has time to keep his lovely wife happy, be famous, be a player at Stormforce and also the best Head Marshall in the business, his game days are epic and challenging and everyone should have at least one game day under him at Stormforce. Recently had surgery to look 20 years younger, well, had hair cut and beard off!!!


Site: StormForce

Gun use: Krytac SPR & PDW, honey badger, plus other M4 platforms & G36c. L96 sniper, shotgun & Glock 17 and 1911 sidearms

Fave weapon: Krytac SPR

Married/Single? Married


Name: Wayne Hughes
NickName: Bush Wookie or Punisher
Age: 38


Wayne is our current gun collector, almost each game he begins with 'Guess what i got new?' Sporting a mo hawk he is ghillied up for sniper fun, if you want him on the field the only way is by radio, he could even by six feet away but you wouldnt know that. He is the resident groupy for The Cower Hounds. Has recently joined the Marshall ranks at Stormforce

Site: Stormforce

Gun use: M15A4 Frank Castle Custom, M4/M203, VZ61 Skorpian, MP7, Punp Shotty, MK23, Extreme 45 Full Auto 1911, M92, Auto 9, 8 Inch Dan Wesson, L96 and Soviet SVD63 Dragunov

Fave weapon: Frank Castle Custom

Married/Single? Married, just waiting for the ceremony


Name: Paul Inch
NickName: Crackerjacker or Inchie
Age: 28


CrackerJacker is another Chap that is into ww2, Nam etc. Has many uniforms mainly US and the weapons that go with it. He has in his charge his younger Bro and Sis who are into the sport. Don’t recognize his face? Look for the 'Hawk'. Sometimes has a magnet as a face, most games ends up with a few war wounds across his mush. Best way to make friends make him tea and keep is coming, Kids you reading this? King of witty banter and innuendos, much more clever than 'That’s what she said' jokes. 

Site: Stormforce, Rugely, best in the UK
Gun use: M16vn
Fave weapon: M1a1 Thompson
Married/Single? Common law man and wife


Name: Stephen Skelton




Skel is one of our Nerd Geeky Tech's, he is responsable for our logo. Also the Father of Nathan, poor bloke. His game style is very subtle, just like a Tank in a hospital trauma ward. Dont be fooled by our giant, he is sneaky, he will sneak around the tea urn all day long. He is our go to guy for our tech stuff with PC stuff and the likes.


Site: Stormforce

Gun use: mainly Ak 74 (cos I buggered my Aug), also have asg l96 and various pistols.

Fave weapon: VSS Vintorez

Married/Single? Married


Name: Nathan

NickName: Gretel

Age: 16


Nathan is the son of Skel, lucky Kid. He is fast and you wont see him go, just hear him finishing off objectives. His style is run and gun. Still teaching him the fine art of tea making, Ojo is his teacher, so probably will be a while before he gets it right. If you want something doing fast and ugly, this kid is your man, wind him up and watch him go.


Site: Stormforce

Gun use: g36k, glock, mb03, 003 shorty

Fave weapon: Glock

Married/Single? Single


Name: Carl Atkins 
NickName: AKA
Age: 37 years young


Site: Stormforce for the last 3 years 
Gun use: Magpul Masadas X3 and a MOE
Fave weapon: Masada ACR 
Married/Single? Served 10 years of my marriage so far.  


Name: Karl Jordan
NickName: dragon
Age: 38


That being said, if what you require is someone to block the BBs he is your man. He has actuall Dragon sized balls that means he has no fear in the face of danger. 
Dragon is a passionate member  of the Misfitz who would do anything for the team, and while relatively new to airsoft he is dedicated to upholding the rules and supporting other players.

This makes him a valued and loved (and at times annoying) individual. 
Some teams have Drag-queens we have a Dragon!

Site: Stormforce
Gun use: Masada
Fave weapon: Katana
Married/Single? Married


Name: Damian Becton
Nickname: I have a few.. Fuzzy, Lunchbox and Paladin
Age: 40


Site: Stormforce
Gun use: M60vn
Fave weapon: M60vn
Married/Single? Engaged

Name: Tomas Whitney

NickName: Whit
Age: 41


Whit is another one our Father/Son Squaddies, and is ready for his close up. He says he is Grumpy, but we say he is Hench Man material with a serious face!!! Comes with a wide range of skills, like walking and shooting! Tactical player who loves to shoot and use grenades, always has a few on his tact vest. Reliable as a Swiss clock.

Site: Various
Gun use: Lots
Fave weapon: Echo1 m240b
Married/Single? Married


Name: Luke Scattergood
NickName: Scattman


Scattman is the Poster Boy of the group, devilsih handsome, suave BUT alas ladies, he is spoken for, he has found Mr Right. His love of airsoft and the gym keeps him in good working order and is looking to compete in the 2017 Mr Gay UK. You will find him mostly mooching about in the bush (he may not be that gay ;) ) picking players off from a distance, or sneaking up behind them.


Gun use: m4 dmr, m4 cqb, acr, tar 21, l96, sten, 1911 punisher 1911 dragon 
Fave weapon: m4 dmr ( The rairder)
Married/Single? Imprisoned 


Name: Edward Blackburn

NickName: Fuzz

Age: 21


Fuzz is our resident army expert, want to see an action man in action? Dont watch him. Another member who likes Ruskie loud outs, must be on buy one get one from somewhere. Once went mountain biking and nearly got mugged off by a Grizzly Bear, true story. Want to make friends, make his tea, if he offers to pay for youto make tea for the day, he wont pay until the end of play, after Akira ripped him off, one quid for one tea made, out rageous.


Site: Stormforce  regularly, been to  many all over the country

Gun use: E&L ak74,LCT Rpk ,We Makarov although own a few more and having owned a variety throughout the years have settled on predominately those 3

Fave weapon: E&L ak74

Married/Single? dating


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